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Patient Anxiety

Are you so nervous about seeing a doctor that you have yet to make that appointment? You’re not alone. Many patients experience anxiety throughout the process.

Ease your troubles from the start. Express your anxieties when you first call to make an appointment. Our doctors and medical professionals want to provide you with the best care. You can help them do their best by communicating important information about yourself. That includes any anxieties triggered by the experience.

For many patients talking about their anxieties will reduce most of the stress. If you still feel anxious, our staff will make the process as comfortable as possible. Here are just a few of the ways we can help:

  • Less wait time in the lobby
  • Check-ins from staff before the doctor arrives
  • Take blood pressure several times

Set yourself up for success beyond voicing concerns on the phone. Budget more time to see a doctor so you don’t feel pressure to leave and run to the next activity. Same goes for running late to an appointment. Arriving on time versus running late will reduce your stress levels.

All these methods yielded success for past patients. Try them out next time you feel nervous about your next visit.